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By Flyingmac
Went off to a fly-in on sunday. Temporary strip in a farmer's field.
Topped up the oil before setting off and told the missus to expect some oil loss out of the breather as I'd slightly overfilled. (Half a litre when a quarter would have done). She does the washing down, so I got 'The Face'. :evil:

Pleasant flight there and back with Ts and Ps in the green. On pushing the aircraft
back in the hangar, there was a steady oil drip from the back end of the bottom cowling. (Jodel). The underside of the fuselage was plastered in oil all the way to the tail.

Too hot and too late in the day, I left it until yesterday to clean it up.
On removing the cowlings, I found oil all over the place. I also found one of the two filler cap securing lugs missing. Snapped off. There was a fair amount of oil gone from the sump.

I've known for some time that there was wear present and hadn't got it sorted.

Pillock. :oops:
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By Pete L
Not as messy, but related.

Small drip on floor in hangar - just a few drops per day.

Get ready to go flying. Cabin fills with what looks like smoke. Assumption was electrical fire, probably from starter.

Oil line had small crack.