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By Pete L
About ten years ago, I failed to pay attention to the back of an aircraft I was parking - missed the stop marks and hit the hangar.

Did it again this evening. Hangar roof only has enough clearance if I push the aircraft in along a line of slabs placed for the purpose - nosewheel ones higher than mains. Forgot exactly why I'd done that.

The flight really isn't over until the hangar's closed. And you can make the same mistake twice.

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By Flyin'Dutch'
Sorry to read that Pete. Hopefully not to difficult and costly to fix it.
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By Keef

Bad news :( Something most of us come close (or very close!) to doing.
Hope it's not an expensive one.
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By Pete L
Thanks for those kind words.

It's the first time I've flown after work for some time and without a particularly early night on Sunday. Took a neighbour up for the first time for a more or less perfect bimble around the local sights. Seems like it doesn't seem to take that much tiredness or relaxation from passenger stress to reduce vigilance.