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By fishermanpaul
I've got a couple of reindeer steaks to cook tomorrow - any ideas for accompanyments?

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By AerBabe
[feeble pun]I've no eye deer.[/feeble pun]
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By Keef
My recollection, talking to my Swedish chef friend, is that reindeer tends to be very tough. You might be better off stewing it for a long time. Googoo Sami Recipes.
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By fishermanpaul
Actually, far from it. It was pretty tender. Somewhere between sirloin and rump.

Flavour was along the lines of venison with a definite hint of something like liver - very nice.

I ended up pan-frying it, then deglazed with r/wine and added redcurrent jelly for a sauce. Did potato cakes and green beans to go with.

Will be having again next time I fine myself in a Lidl.

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By Paul_Sengupta
Bearnaise sauce. I wouldn't necessarily recommend it, but the Swedes put it on pretty much everything.

For the jelly thing, I'd recommend "lingon sylt", or lingonberry sauce. I think Ikea have it.

Lingon is also the thing they serve with meatballs. You may find Swedish cooking not particularly diverse...