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By Flyingfemme
Rayburn or Aga....the vented oven always seems to do the trick.
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By Peter Pan
I cook the pork til the meat is done, then carve the fat off it, salt the underside and back into the oven at 250 (Sandyford Range - it's like an Aga) :pig: :thumleft:
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By KingJames
Dry, score, dry again, salt and then over the hob in oil take the crackling through the oil to make it partially burst open (being very careful with no kids about). Then crackling side down for half an hour at 240 degrees followed by 160 degress for the rest of the time minus 15 to 20 mins what they recommend. Check internal temp with a long pointy tempy thing and leave for 5 to 10 while the roasties get a good final blast.

Doing it right now and so far it is looking very good.

Edited to say it was cracking. Loving the irony of a townie giving a farmer advice on how to cook pork
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By AerBabe
Getting good quality meat is a must...

I dry, score, dry again, rub in LOTS of oil & salt. Then into a really hot oven, crackling side up, for maybe 40 min and finish off at 160. If I've picked up a cheap joint I'll remove from the oven after stage one above and carve off the fat/skin before sticking everything back in the oven.

... or just buy a packet of pork scratchings from your local butcher & serve them on the side. :wink:
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By gfry
Aga all the way.

Score the fat, pour boiling water from the kettle over it, rub it with olive oile, rub it with salt.

Top over for 30 minutes, then cover with foil and move to the bottom oven for 24 hours. Come out like hog roast.

And as a sales pitch....my Gloucster Old Spots taste fantastic. PM or email for details

......ps my beef is also fantastic.