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By Gerard Clarke
When hungover, and unable to be ersed to go down to the Sainsbometro for bacon - try fried up slices of porkie pie with egg. Posh Melton Mowbray pie, natch. It's not bad, as drunk-ass food goes.
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By Jim and Pat Dalton
I used to know someone who would put curry sauce on his rice crispies and heat it up in the microwave.

He claimed it was fantastic, tasty and cheap!!!

Tried doing a small sample once and........................it was disgusting and he was right on only one point!

Mind you, he was also bit of a alcohol fuelled desperado too!

Take my advice: when hung over drink a whole bottle of lemonade, you'll be drunk again in a jiffy, the bubbles do the recycling trick or something. Far better to be a sort of re-fried-inebriat than hungover imo!
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By AerBabe
Gerard Clarke wrote:When hungover...

I'm going to have to try harder to get a hangover. :(

Dad suggested I drink a whole bottle of cheap port to see if that worked. I ended up still drunk the next morning and had to get a lift to the gig rehearsal I was meant to be attending. Have you ever tried playing sax while tipsy? Maybe that's how free jazz was discovered.
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By Steve D
Rotorboater wrote:In Scotland they would cover it with batter & deep fat fry it :D

They probably wouldn't bother slicing it first, either.