A place for gourmet aviators. Musicians are also welcome.

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Ladies and gentlemen,

As you can see, this establishment has now been refurbished at great expense from its previous incarnation as a music venue, and now includes delicious meals and snacks along with a fully stocked bar.

Recent threads in Non-Aviation on e.g. the proper way to cook meat, stews and how to prepare them, and restaurants in South Wales have prompted the creation of this forum, where we can discuss all those things and more.

Some suggestions for topics:

- Recipes - good and bad
- Cookbooks - sauce stained or coffee-table?
- Celebrity chefs - group into "Annoying" or "Frightful" (or, more positively, "Raymond Blanc")
- Red wine with fish - a sure sign of a Soviet agent?

We could even post restaurant reviews.

In fact, we could even post food reviews of cafés and restaurants on airfields...

So, over to you. Let the feasting commence.
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By TheKentishFledgling
Anyone for brunch? (OK this is pretty vulgar, but it's doing the Facebook rounds..)


Supposedly called a "kid's breakfast" as it weighs the same as a small child. If you finish it within an hour (and your heart is still functioning), you pay nothing.

I reckon the can of coke is a little OTT.

:puker: :puker: :puker: