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By Rob P
There was a time when I would have suggested the Key Publishing Historic Forum, but since a software change the place has tumbleweed blowing through it and the real experts who used to visit have drifted away (as have I)

There are a few Facebook pages for historic aircraft fans that might be worth a go.

I have put out a couple of feelers anyway.

Rob P
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By Genghis the Engineer
I've sat in a few that looked very like that - I think a crash certified removable military helicopter seat. From the fibre glass seat pack, likely in a Royal Navy helicopter, something like a Naval Lynx or Sea King.

I suspect that somewhere you'll find a data plate saying it was made by Martin Baker (the PSP clip, seat pan and inertia reel control look extremely familiar), who are in Denham, Bucks and may be able to advise on the model.

I'd go to auction with something like that, it may have some significant nostalgia/novelty value - I doubt anybody wants it in an aircraft with no paperwork.

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By timjenner
Would be interested in taking an idle look when you've worked out where to sell this - I'm sure it'll be too pricey and bulky for me given that I'd have to smuggle it past the wife but I like it a lot!