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By Purdoy
Hi! First post so apologies in advance for any mistakes.

I'm considering becoming a pilot and have purchased some PPL books to begin reading and learning. I would like to get some old UK charts to help with my learning but since I'm new, I don't exactly know what to ask for, 1:250,000 or 1:500,000. Is there anyone who is getting rid of their old charts and wouldn't mind passing it on?

Many thanks!
By Jack.Tyler
I have some 2018 and 2019 maps that I'm no longer using (or rather - no longer able to, since the airspace has changed!) in the South of the UK that you're welcome to, but to be honest if you're learning and are considering a PPL, you might as well buy the latest edition of the map from Pooley's. You'll need it in the cockpit if you learn anyway. Also, not sure if you know but they're laminated, so a chinagraph pencil will rub straight off if you're wanting older charts to draw on them and not ruin a 'new' map!

You'll typically want the 1:500000 maps, especially for training. 1:250000 is for low-speed, short range (think helicopters).

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By Purdoy
I would buy new if I was starting but I'm not yet sure when I'll be starting my PPL so just something to look at really as I read up on navigation and stuff. I definitely won't be using it once I start flying.
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By Sooty25
A CAA chart is less than £20. You might even find your local airfield stocks a few. Use it as an excuse to got visit a few airfields and just buy a current one.
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By Smikas
Inbox me your address and I will post you one. The one that is about to expire.