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New Headset (re-listed)

PostPosted:Fri Jun 07, 2019 7:25 pm
by Redspan
I've put it back on eBay as it didn't sell the last time.

Spider Wireless Aviation Headset

Model SW-100A

Flight tested (used once).

Headset bag, headset, and an aux cable.

This is an affordable aviation headset that is currently available on Amazon and retails at £129.99.

As most aviators know there are numerous aviation headsets available, ranging from the Bose A20 with retails at about £1,000 to much cheaper models at under £100.

David Clark headsets are well known in both commercial and recreational aviation. The David Clark H10-13.4 retails at about £350, so over twice the price of this new Spider Wireless model.

Solid build with head and ear cushioning that looks and feels comfortable.

Would not only make an ideal first headset for student pilots or PPLs, but it's also an affordable extra set for one or more passengers.