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Homebuilding books for sale - SOLD

PostPosted:Mon Apr 22, 2019 5:19 pm
by Lindsayp
Standard Aircraft Handbook; Larry Reithmaier ISBN 9780071348362: £13 inc postage
You want to build and fly a what?; Dick Starks ISBN 093257906X: £18 inc postage
Kit Airplane Construction; Ron Wanttaja ISBN 0071459731: £30 inc postage
Tony Bingelis on Engines ISBN 0940000547: £40 inc postage
Firewall Forward; Tony Bingelis ISBN 0940000938: £24 inc postage
AFE Pilots Guide PA28 Warrior ISBN 1874783535: £8 inc postage

All in virtually new condition. Postage discount if buying more than one. Near offers considered. Payment by bank transfer preferred
Thanks for looking