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Hi I have for sale a brand new 2 weeks old Yaesu FTA 750L Handheld transceiver for sale. I was bought it as a present but have never used it. Boxed and as new . £250 No offers as this is the cheapest in the UK for a new unit. Receipt can be provided on successful sale.

Many thanks
^^^^^^^^^ WRONG ! There is NO requirement for the applicant to own an aircraft.

1 buy radio and get receipt
2 apply to CAA office in London for a portable licence (£15 for 3 -years) *
3 send paperwork to CAA via email
4 sit and wait for ~9 months for your money!

Note the licence does not entitle the holder to use it for transmitting (an additional FRTOL is needed by the operator)
If it is carried only in aircraft with a licensed, fixed installation, the portable is covered under that licence and therefore doesn't need the £ 15 licence.

* there is talk that the CAA will relinquish the issue of Radio licences, back to Telecoms or whoever it is.
PS just before new year, ML&S were doing the 750 "Spirit" set for £300....guess that's inflation for you!