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By gyrotyro
This is my Becker AR4201 Com + Intercom 25khz radio.
Recently removed from my aircraft for upgrade. It has a 2.25 inch square panel size.

The radio is in good working order.

Please call or text me on 07446 938374 if you have any question.

This small and lightweight transceiver offers 760 channels and is certified for use in VFR and IFR equipped aircraft. Even smaller and lighter than its forerunner - the legendary AR 3201 - it is ideal for installation in gliders, motor gliders and small aircraft due to its low power requirement and 2 1/4 inch round panel cutout. Due to the implementation of the most modern technology it has been possible to minimize the depth of the module, including the connector, to less than 9 inches. The equipment has an output of 5-7 Watts carrier (16 W PEP). A standby frequency and 99 memories can be easily programmed and recalled. The AR 4201 has an intercom, panel-lighting, voltage indicator, an AF-input as well as an automatic test-routine as standard functions. Two dynamic and two standard microphones can be connected without any alterations. The clear display shows the active frequency and either the standby frequency, the memory channel used or the supply voltage and also the external temperature (with the optional temperature sensor). This equipment is useful in a wide range of aircraft and is also optimal for use at flying schools and flying clubs, who place a lot of value on quick, safe and simple operation.
I understand what you are saying but there are many other 25 kHz radios for sale on AFORS for example. The market is for people wanting a second radio to use for non 8.33 frequencies.