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By ivanmia
We are selling our lovely Jodel 1050 due to the acquisition of an RV7. I've been in two minds as unfortunately I can't afford to have a share in both, but the RV is a fantastic aeroplane and it's just too good an opportunity to turn down. Oh yeah when I say lovely, the Jodel isn't immaculate by any means but it does fly lovely. :D
£17,500 o.n.o.
1959 Jodel 105a serial No. 90
LAA permit
0200 continental
5 hours endurance, 21 litres per hour consumption
2+2 seating
Good instrumentation inc. ILS/DME
1 NAVCOM Narco mk.12d
NARCO Transponder
Ex EASA aircraft so fitted with nav. lights & landing light
therefore equipped for night flying if so approved by LAA.
Permit until July 2018
For further details contact JW Baker 07831091807
or I can try and answer any questions on here if preferred.

Aircraft has been sold.
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