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By MarvinPA
Sennheiser S1 ANC headset for half price at £280, cost new £559 in November 2015

No longer available, but full description here -


Nice piece of kit, only 50 flying hours – reluctantly having to admit I'll never be any good at this game. :(

Now sold folks, so too late if it did appeal. :D

Incidentally, while they are no longer available, I did pull up an ad where they were priced at £624 - even more of a bargain!
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By Paul_Sengupta
Thread drift immediately, but what is it you're struggling with? How many different instructors and schools have you tried? Or have you been flying for 60 years and have just come to that conclusion? :D
I spoke to MarvinPA on the telephone today and his decision is not based on flying skills or lack of being abke to achieve a standard, it is something else and seems very sensible/logical.
By CharliePapa
Hello MarvinPA ,

Interested in the Headset you are selling, if still avail.

New to this forum, therefore, not sure how to contact you. Very likely PMs is possibility that is not available for me to use (at least was not able to find that option). If could send me a PM ...