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By dreamer
Hi - I'm after a headset for my other half for when he comes flying with me.... ideally a noise cancelling, or a good passive one :)

By paulhorth
I have a Flightcom Denli ANR headset for sale in its original carrying case for £200 inc UK postage.
Its in excellent condition and is light and comfortable as well as performing well.
Reason for sale is that we have upgraded to Bose A20 with Bluetooth.
By dreamer
Thanks both - sorry it's taken me a while to reply!

Which Denali headset is it, and is it still available? I'll also email the other chap thanks! And keep an eye on eBay :)
By paulhorth
Yes it is still available - it is the original blue Flightcom Denali ANR headset with straight cable and double GA plugs, 9v battery, very little use.
I can send some photos if you like - not sure how to attach items to this reply but I can email no problem.
Contact me paul.horth@outlook.com