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By seanjd
I bought this on 22/02/17 from Bournemouth Avionics for £1188, and after a bit of thought have decided not to fit it in my Champ.
I have not claimed for the EASA grant.

Anyone interested?
I would like what I paid for it.

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By Flying_john
Hi Seanjd - I m sorry to be the bearer of unwelcome news but I think it is unlikely anyone will pay what you paid for your radio even if it is still wrapped and sealed up.

You see generally you lose about 1/3rd of an items value as soon as you walk out of the shop. This third takes into account the VAT and the shops profit and the fact that the warranty will have started based on your receipt date.

I have seen some surprising prices fetched on ebay for 8.33 radios, and humbly suggest you may get best value by advertising it there and then possibly putting a link back on here.

If I am wrong and you have already managed to sell it then good news.

Just my tuppence worth !
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