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Alas, they are not the latest editions unfortunately. Air Law has a copyright date of 2011 inside the front cover, so it's probably a few years out. I imagine all the rest will still be relevant but wouldn't advise someone to learn the law on an old book... :|
Playing Devil's Advocate.....AIUI the bizarre situation is, that the exam papers, in some cases, are / were out of date. If you answered "correctly" with the out of date answer, it is/was a pass!....If yo gave the up-to date answer, either with/without explaining the superseded legislation, you still got/get a pass!

Assuming about 80% of the Law hasn't changed in 5 years since the press-date, a candidate can still get all the wrong answers to questions where the legislation's altered, but get a pass-mark nevertheless.
IMHO, a totally unsatisfactory situation, but I wonder how many fully-qualified Pilots even remember most of it, let alone are current with the "moved goalposts".
Ok, thanks for the update, RR, but there was , indeed, a thread on that very subject, either here or over on the "Dark-side"

Am I correct in suggesting, all things being equal, a diligent student who has studied a recent, but obsolete textbook, has a high chance of passing an exam....based on the proposition that the pass mark is~80% max. and the marks are spread evenly across old and new? Most of the subjects as with principles of flight, really only alter in minor interpretation...to paraphrase a Scotsman, "ye canna alter the laws of physics, Captain"
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Yes still for sale!! Open to offers, need to factor in postage as they're heavy, otherwise collect from OX11 (Didcot) ??