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Enjoyed the interview. Glad to hear 'Lift Girl' was a real person. I'd always assumes she was introduced as a narrative device to justify his flying lessons more interestingly that the reality most of us face.

Apropos engines on a Thruster, Mr Woodward would be able to get a 4-stroke one but not a Rotax 912. The factory did try to fit one on (I saw it at the Popham trade show) but it was to bulky and heavy. They did successfully fit a Jabiru 2200 which did well, notwithstanding the fashion at the time to decry them, if looked after according to the owners manual.

Oh, and (says she touching every bit of available wood) the 99 model of the Rotax 503 with dual ignition is happily pulling Thrusters around the sky to this day, including mine. If you insist, you can get water cooling too by getting one powered by a Rotax 582 (but they've got more things to go wrong).
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