A place to advertise aviation jobs
Hi there everyone,I am looking to hire a Private Pilot for a Cessna 150 Flight in the UK,If anyone could help in where i can hire someone or if someone here is interested let me know in the comments, Thank you.
Not really sure what you are after here - do you have an aircraft you want someone to fly or after pilot and aircraft. If you are after hiring a pilot you really should be looking at someone with a commercial licence, if you are just after a flight then maybe look at Wingly
What do you want - specifically?
Why do you specifically want a C150?

It is illegal for a “Private” pilot to be paid to fly anything. Only a “Commercial “ pilot can be paid.

It is legal for a private pilot to “share” the cost of a flight with everyone in board - but the pilot has to pay a share.

There is a web site called Wingly that connects pilots with potential passengers. However my personal opinion is that many of the pilots advertising on Wingly have very limited experience and that inexperience can sometimes allow their desire to fly at reduced cost, override their decision making - resulting in a potentially dangerous scenario. You as the passenger have no way of assessing the risk of a particular flight. It depends on a large number of factors including:
The pilots total experience
The pilots total experience on that specific type of a/c
The pilots recent experience - on that type of a/c
The route to be flown and the pilots experience of that type of route
The weather - both outbound and return and the pilots experience and qualifications to safely fly in that weather
The maintenance condition of the aircraft
Etc etc,

Wingly itself isn’t bad. But it does create an environment where an unknowlegable passenger could find themselves with a pilot trying to fly at the extreme edge - or even outside his safety zone.