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Special Operations (Survey) Pilot
Full Time, Permanent

Salary: Starting from £25,000 + benefits, depending on experience
Location: Hawarden/Chester Airfield

APEM Aviation is recruiting! We are now accepting applications for 'Specialised Operations (Survey) Pilots', for a full-time position, flying our Vulcanair P68s and Britten-Norman Islander aircraft.

We are the principal aerial platform provider for Europe’s largest specialist aquatic science and remote sensing consultancy Apem Ltd, but also offer our aircraft to the wider remote sensing market to carry other companies' sensors and task specialist. In 2018, APEM Aviation will be diversifying it's client base and with it the industries we serve. It is going to be an exciting couple of years, as we find new ways of using fixed wing aircraft and remote sensing technologies to break in to untapped markets.

Single-pilot IFR and survey operations are not for the faint hearted, or for pilots just along for the ride. We need people passionate about flying and the science we support. The job will require you to work flexible hours due to the requirements of rostering, weather, survey deadlines and office duties. This will mean long days and frequent extended stays away from base/home, including working weekends and bank holidays as required. Being professional, flexible, adaptable and able to work as part of a team is essential in this role, and a dedication to duty is required.

As a single-pilot survey captain, the following requirements are ESSENTIAL:
• 300 hours Total Time
• 175 hours P1
• Current Class 1 medical
• Fluent written and spoken English
• IMC experience with conventional instruments
• Experience with multi-lever engine controls
• To live within 1 hours commuting distance of Hawarden/Chester Airport

DESIRABLE experience includes:
• >400 hrs TT, >50 hrs MEP, >50 hrs IFR
• BN2A and/or P68 time
• At least one additional rating: Instructor / Aerobatics / SEP(Sea) or Tailwheel Differences
• Flying abroad (private or commercial)
• Available to start January 2018

If you would like to apply for this position, prepare your CV and a cover letter and then complete the online application form by Sunday 10 December 2017. Interviews will take place 18/19th December.