A place to advertise aviation jobs
We're looking for flying instructors for our busy flight centre at Fairoaks. If interested, please forward your CV with covering letter to recruitment (at) synergyaviation (dot) com. There's plenty of work, we offer competitive terms, and career progression within the instructing field or onto our AOC fleet is available.
Many thanks to those who applied, we have now completed this recruitment round.

We are still very interested to hear from people with instructor qualifications, with a view to future needs.
Just as an outsider (and former recruiter, but not in aviation) may I suggest you delete the original thread, and then post afresh with "Further opportunities at Fairoaks" (or similar) :P

Hope that helps (you may not need my suggestions...the last vacancy was filled in 2 weeks :thumleft: ).

Thanks for the suggestion, Rob. In fact we have had hardly any interest through the forum, for this job (or the other ones), and I have instead relied on mail-shotting FIC instructors.

In any case, I don't believe I can delete the thread, as is possible on many boards...
Ben, in fact you applied once in 2015 and again in 2016. We did receive your applications and you should have received a reply (might it have gone into your spam folder?). Anyhow, I've just tried to call you, without success, and I've sent you an email. Please feel free to reply by email.