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By Flyer Club Joanna
Flying Adventure in the January issue of FLYER – Route 66

An aeroplane designed to carry heavy loads into the most marginal of runways and lakes, oftren in poor weather, means the chances of a long life are low. But one particular Noorduyn Norseman managed to defeat the Gods and survive.

Leonardo Correa Luna takes his Cessna 170 on a trip back in time – and finds his kicks on Route 66…

Why are people from all over the world attracted to an old two-lane route with no fancy resorts, no big attractions, just an old road that goes through small towns, the countryside, and the desert from Chicago to L.A.?

For most, it is the chance to travel back in time to a period of history when life was simpler, a time before America became a ‘franchise’.

Following Route 66 is a way to return to the way America and the world used to be, and the Cessna would be a perfect way to admire it in its full splendour.

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