Find out about club benefits and how to access them.
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Boss Man  Boss Man
We really believe joining The FLYER Club is an obvious thing to do because:

    You get access to the free landing fees
    You get a 5% discount on all purchases excluding Bose headsets at Pooleys'
    You get a £10 discount when you spend £40 at Transair (excluding Bose headsets)
    You get a free digital copy of John Farley's book A View from the Hover
    You get early access to Simon Keeling's weather briefings
    You get aFREE initial conversation with The FLYER Club’s EASA and FAA AeroMedical Examiner (AME) Dr Frank Voeten.
    You get to attend exclusive mini weather webinars with Simon Keeling
    You get to enjoy a range of other great benefits

But perhaps more importantly, you'll be supporting Flyer Magazine and this forum for just £2.50 per month payable quarterly.

To join, go here and get instant access to all of the benefits, including the landing fees.



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