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I have always used Pocketmags to read my paid-for Flyer mag, however the October issue is not showing as available.

I have tried using the Issue app but it is very blurred and difficult to read. Also it doesn’t ‘remember’ which issue or page you had got to when returning to it.
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By BobD
EdH  wrote:Dropped you a message - data had suggested there were no more users on that outlet!

I used the Flyer contact form to ask why the October issue wasn't available. The response from the Pocketmags Operations Manager was "I will contact the publishers regarding the missing issue, I apologise for the delay."

It's still no visible, I hope it hasn't disappeared forever.

Ed, your data is wrong, there are at least two of us still, using that outlet ! :D
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Hi all

I would still prefer a printed version but I had reluctantly accepted that I have to use digital. However I have been using the Flyer Magazine app (which I believe uses pocket mags) up until now and as stated previously the current magazine is not available.
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Flamingo69 wrote:I also was a regular user of Pocketmags and find quality of the Issuu version really poor in comparison.

What was the update? Will the magazine be returning to Pocketmags?

We won't, but we do have something very special in the pipeline! It should have been ready now, but is running a bit late, watch this space!


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