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By FLYER Jonny

The team are back with another great magazine!

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In the April 2021 issue of FLYER.

After months of no flying, Mark Greenfield of Ultimate High gives his top tips on just HOW to sharpen your flying skills ready for that first flight after the lockdown restrictions end…

In First Solo, we talk to programmer Laura Laban, who paid for her flight training by building aeroplane add-ons and scenery packages for flight simulators, then went on to develop the Infinite Flight simulator program.

American pilot Joe Costanza has mastered the art of amazing selfies of him and his Cub, to stunning effect, and has become an internet sensation. He tells FLYER about some of his favourite shots.

In Accident Analysis, Steve Ayres takes a look at figures related to Loss of Control and suggests it is time to get back to basics…

In Flying Adventure, the tier 3 no land-away restrictions that were in place at the end of 2020 didn’t put off Paul Kiddell, who flew some three-hour ‘extended locals’…

In Top Gear, Jonny Salmon checks out AeroflyFS 2021 a fun flying experience, in the mobile flight sim world.


• FLYER Club members save a brilliant £55 with SIX FREE landings at Cumbernauld, Easter, Holmbeck, Llanbedr, Middlezoy and Yatesbury..
• Great columns from Matt Dearden, Mark Hales and Ian Seager
• Plus all the latest news

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