Use this forum to flag up examples of red tape and gold plate
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By marioair
(Fully prepared to be shot down as haven't researched syllabus in details).....

For instance:
If I'm doing something like an IR and have a PPL already, why do I have to study material again that I've already done at PPL?
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By Keef
Because the examiners say so?

Actually, when doing the FAA IR written (only one exam!) I found there was a lot that I used to know but had forgotten.
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By marioair
That's fine - it would mean you'd have to go back and revise the PPL stuff. But if you haven't forgotten, why force people to do it again.

It stirkes me like it would be far better spending eg 80 hours for CBM/IR TK really understanding the advanced stuff than spending half of it just getting everyone "back up to speed" before covering material that's pertinent. If you've forgotten the basics you'll fail the test and have to go back and revise. If you haven't then you've had far more valuable learning.

The analogy is a university maths degree. They don't spend the first 2 years teaching you GCSE maths - it's assumed - and if you don't know it you'll fail.