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By Mickey65
I have a JAR PPL with a SEP rating which is due to expire soon. I have the required hours to revalidate by experience. My JAR PPL is due to expire in 2016, does this mean I have to apply for an EASA PPL as well as a revalidation of the SEP rating?

If so, how straight forward is this process?
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By Paul_Sengupta
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The two things are independent. You can get a new SEP rating now, then sometime before your JAA licence runs out, apply for an EASA licence. Make sure you have English level 6 before you do.
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By Irv Lee
Get the Sep signed up (revalidated) before it expires - do you know anyone who can do this locally? A flight examiner can, for example.
Then worry about the conversion to EASA next year.