Use this forum to flag up examples of red tape and gold plate
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By GrahamB
I would add that a few weeks ago I witnessed a presentation by the EASA GA Champion, Dominique Roland. I have to say that I came away from that session with the feeling for the first time that there really is a will at the top to improve things for GA. He presented the content of the various tasks that are under way, along with their planned timescales.

He came across as the most pragmatic, least bureaucracy-bound, French person I've ever met (and I've met lots) but he has to work within the constraints that exist now, not least of which is the need to change basic legislation to allow more flexible pragmatic rule making at the EASA level. We also have to recognise that there are also those, not necessarily in EASA but amongst the national regulators and other powerful stakeholders, who may not support change and they have to be convinced and brought along as well.

I feel a lot less cynical as a result of meeting M. Roland, but I do accept that it will take time.