Use this forum to flag up examples of red tape and gold plate
By Gas Guzzler
Can it really be so..........................

"The review will follow the principles already adopted by the CAA in its oversight of general aviation, which include:

• only regulate when necessary, and to do so proportionately;
• deregulate where it can;
• delegate where appropriate;
• not to gold-plate, and quickly and efficiently remove gold-plating that already exists;
• help create a vibrant and dynamic GA sector in the UK. "

"The initial review is expected to be completed by March 2015"

All power to them and let's all hope for some major improvements.
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By Paul_Sengupta
Part of the red tape challenge innit?

One thing that I find a bit disappointing is that there seems to be a bit of a difference of opinion in what constitutes over bureaucracy if it means the CAA losing revenue...
By chrisbl
But as the government is reducing the return the CAA are required to make from 6% to 3%, revenue can afford to fall or services increased.
Starts today - 26th March 2015, runs until 26th May.

Consultation - GA ANO Review - Thematic Consultation

Following on from the Governments GA Red Tape Challenge, the CAA has conducted a comprehensive review of all aspects of the ANO that could impact on General Aviation. This consultation presents the output of the initial review in a thematic format, for which we seek comments from the GA community.

By Arnold Rimmer
70-odd carefully crafted questions that, if they want examples to back up your answers, are going to take a very long time to answer.
There isn't a save function so the whole survey needs to be answered in one session.

And, correct me if I am wrong, but the survey has pre-empted the CAA in saying that they are exempting owners from the need for a DfT / CAA approval for paid-for flight training in an N-reg. I haven't seen this announced anywhere other than this survey.
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By Cookie
Only one week left to comment on the ANO Review.

70-odd carefully crafted questions that, if they want examples to back up your answers, are going to take a very long time to answer.

You don't have to answer every question. Just pick the ones which are important to you...

Here's a few pointers:

Skyway Code - an easy to understand Air Law document for private pilots
Ab-Inito training in Permit to Fly aircraft
GA FTLs applicable to airline pilots
Aerodrome regulation
AIP entry for unlicensed aerodromes (Irv, are you commenting for Popham?)
Delegation of NPPL issue
UK PPL and NPPL visibility minimums

There's something for every pilot, and a lot of stuff we've been lobbying for on here. Please take the time to submit your comments.

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By stevelup
Surveymonkey uses session cookies. Just refreshing your browser or going back to it later would have allowed you to continue from where you left off.

You would get dumped back at the beginning but all your answers would still be there.
By Johnyev
flybymike wrote:40 questions in and the website hung.....Grr.... :evil:

Same here

anyway bump for last chance