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AIS will lift the lat and long from the E field into the Q line (unless the E field notifies an area such a polygon in which case it will be the centre of a circle which fully encompasses the area). The major difference is that the Q line will show only degrees and minutes where our E field will show Degrees Minutes and Seconds; due to the rounding process for the Q line, the position may vary by around 0.5nm.

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Thanks for the info. Incidentally I read that as nanometres initially :)
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James Chan wrote:A very sensible step in the right direction!
Let's hope they will allow unlicensed aerodromes to be published in future too.

A list of unlicensed airfields without ICAO location indicators is in the AIP, but is it in the correct place for everyone's 'needs'?
ENR (a section which GA pilots seldom need to consult) contains lists of 'Aerial Sporting and Recreation Activities' including hang glider sites, gliding sites, microlight sites and parachuting sites, plus unlicensed airfields with ICAO Location Indicators where training has been approved by the CAA. Some of these latter eg Bourne, Henlow, Llanbedr, North Weald, Popham can generate intensive and/or high energy traffic, but rather than list them as airfields in the AD section, they are being treated simply as Navigation Warnings with only a phone number and 'type' of activity listed ie no contact frequency, no indication of runway length or QDM.
I would submit that many of these airfields , especially those listed as 'training' should be listed in the AD section of the AIP under a heading of 'Unlicensed aerodromes' with more detailed information than is presently published in ENR 5.5 extracted from the forms submitted to register the site as an 'Unlicensed & Uncertificated Aeronautical Site' such as runway direction, radio callsign and frequency plus type of radio service etc.
The RAF used to portray these airiflelds (including a recommended 'avoid' radius in the absence of an ATZ) when they published a section in the AIP (Mil) regarding 'Low Flying Areas' but I cannot find this section in the present AIP (Mil).
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