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At present a suitability qualified FI without CPL TK can teach for the IR.

However for an FI to teach for the IMC rating the CAA state in the INFORMATION NOTICE: IN–2016/082 4.3 part C

"have passed all TK examinations either for the issue of a CPL(A) or IRI(A)"

Now I have to say I find this strange that an FI can teach for the IR but not the IMC?

Note: I may have totally misinterpreted the regulation and would be more than happy to be corrected
Have I woken up in a different universe since I went to sleep last night, or is this really as bonkers as on first reading it appears to be?
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So how would a person (who is presumably a LAPL only FI + probably a CRI too) go about getting an IR(R)”I” added to their ratings?

Just curious......
From CAP 804:

3.6.3 In addition, the CAA will authorise instructors to instruct for the IMC/IR(R) if they comply with the following:

a) the instructor must hold a Part-FCL aeroplane licence issued by the UK CAA;

b) the instructor must be an FI(A) without supervisory restriction applied, who is qualified to instruct for the single pilot class rating for the class of aeroplane which
IR(R) instruction is to be conducted in;

c) the instructor must hold a valid IR(R) rating or IR(A) (not EIR) on the Part-FCL licence;

d) the instructor must have completed at least 10 hours flight time by sole reference to instruments in an aeroplane, FFS, an FTD 2/3 or FNPT II;

e) the instructor must have completed the course as specified in FCL.905.FI(g) as detailed in FCL.930.IRI;

f) the instructor must pass an Assessment of Competence to instruct for the IR(R) with an FIE as specified in FCL.905.FI(g).

Note that the course specified in FCL.905.FI(g) may be completed for the purpose of qualifying to instruct for the IR(R) without having the prerequisite IFR experience for the issue of the FCL.905.FI(g) privileges.

An FI(A) without CPL theoretical knowledge may only provide flight instruction for the LAPL and, if suitably qualified, for any rating which may be included in a LAPL. As the IR(R) cannot be included in a LAPL, a LAPL-only FI cannot provide instruction for the IR(R).

CRI(A) privileges do not include flight instruction for the IR(R).
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Well, the CAA are merrily issuing g(IR(R)) privileges to non-CPL TK FIs. I know a number of them are examining for the IR(R) as well.

As the IR(R) is a national rating I don't think you have to read across the 'can't be included in a LAPL' concept.

You don't have to have CPL TK passed to be an IRI so it would be nonsensical to induce that restriction for non-CPL TK FIs for the IR(R).
I have now received confirmation that, as I wrote earlier, a PPL/FI without CPL knowledge is restricted to instructing only for the LAPL and NOT for the IR(R) / IMCR.

FIs who previously held R/BCPL status, but who were regraded under Part-FCL conversion to PPL/FI status, were deemed to have gained adequate commercial level knowledge without needing to pass any further exams. So it's quite plausible that some of them were also granted IR(R) / IMCR instructional privileges.
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