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Sent off my application to convert from lifetime PPL to EASA and got it bounced because the (correctly endorsed) ID was a monochrome not colour copy.
Perhaps I've had a sheltered life, but this is a bit of unheralded news to me.

Leaving aside the need for sending the CAA copies of documents issued by themselves and the curious lack of confidence in their own system not regarding an existing licence as adequate to cover any required ID, it seems they are doing their level best to be obstructive as it was also rejected on the grounds I don't have an English qualification (I do) and that the (again correctly endorsed) medical wasn't clear enough....

Is this normal service or have I simply found the CAA staff on a day when they had particularly little to occupy the long empty hours?
I've always sent only monochrome copies (it's the only printer I have at home) including for CAA to EASA licensing and they've always been accepted.

Nowhere on the SRG1104 form Guidance Note 1 or the accompanying web page does it say a colour copy is required.

I would challenge that rejection immediately.
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I hope not. I've been helping a friend with a couple of applications, previously bounced, and if they get bounced again because the Head of Training's Certification is suddenly and with no warning now no good he'll burst a vessel. :(

The forms haven't changed in terms of what they want. :evil:
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By Dave W
flybymike wrote:This page specifies colour only for certified copies. ... certified/

If that's what they want, it MUST be on the forms! Not buried in a random page on their damn website!

Bliddy hell, but these people are going to throw away all the positive work that the GA Unit and the Red Tape Challenge did only a couple of years ago - it's madness. :(

@Joff, are you seeing this?

@Irv Lee, I wonder if FCL has somebody mis-reading the link flybymike posted, which says (my bold):

Your ID must always be certified as part of the application process.

This can be done by a professional body such as:

A solicitor
A doctor
The Post Office
in addition to the people listed below.
When you send us copies of documents as part of an application for a pilot licence, they can be certified by one of the following authorised people:

the Head of training at your approved training organisation
the holder of the registration at a registered training facility, or
a UK-approved Examiner
Military flying logbooks must be stamped and certified by either

your commanding officer, or
the head of training at the ATO where any additional training for your application has taken place

That web page really needs a date on it. :(
I been sending certified copies of passports /driving licences for the last 5 years . No probs .
Then last week out of the blue , someone had a rejection saying needed colour !
Where did that come from ? Sent colour , but under protest .
CAA is not doing the communicating in Aviate , Navigate , Communicate !

rgds condor .
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By David Wood
I was surprised the other day to have a student's docs returned by the CAA because the annotated copy of his passport wasn't a colour copy. I must have signed hundreds of these docs in the past 'I certify that I have seen the original and this is a true copy....etc' and I don't think that many have been colour copies. Since when has this requirement emerged? And why?
I'm concerned I'm soon going to fall foul of this quite frankly stupid and hidden rule.

I hope they don't dare to charge for their time! I assume they just put the application to pending rather than asking for a complete re-submission. It's hardly difficult to resolve!
Another milestone on the CAA's route to becoming a no better than one of those call centres where no-one understands anything expect the checklist in front of them.
The level at the CAA at which an understanding of aircraft engineering equals that of a licensed engineer has risen up the management structure. It does not have far to go to reach board level where, we know, no-one has a clue about aircraft and the CAA's transformation will be complete.