Use this forum to flag up examples of red tape and gold plate
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By Rob P
Indeed I have.

Nice chap in his (very) late forties

I know his Dad, Tony too. But he's obviously had a much harder life :lol:

Rob P
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By chevvron
Talkdownman wrote:
Flyin'Dutch' wrote:The question should be why a FISO Needs a medical

FISOs are permitted to pass instructions on the ground such as "park next to the Cessna". We wouldn't want a FISO keeling over in the middle of such an important instruction, would we... :twisted:

Sometimes Aerodrome FISOs have to (horror of horrors) apply separation eg 'give way to the Cherokee from left to right' or 'hold at Alpha 3 due traffic taxying on Alpha and Bravo' .
By Bobcro
Oi Paul! Having heeded the advice of my medical mentor the good Dr F V I have renewed my EU LAPL Medical at Letchworh and as writ it does last 2 years so I shall be threatening the skies for some time yet.
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