Use this forum to flag up examples of red tape and gold plate
Got a phone call the other day. Person asking if I could renew their SEP rating.

I was gobsmacked they actually new what a rating was and they new the difference between renewal and revalidation was.

I was very impressed but then....,

But you don't have a rating on your PPL at all? Yes that's correct the rating on my UK PPL had expired when I applied for an EASA one. So when that came back it had no rating on it.

So then I had to explain that after getting renewed the whole lot has to go the the CAA for the rating to be added and at a cost of cica 90 quid.

No problem I say bring your UK PPL with you and I'll sign that then off you can at least fly. Sorry I can't as I trown it away as I didn't think I'll need it now I have an EASA one.

I suppose of the plus side this person hadn't been flying illegally like the 20% of people I come across you don't understand the renewal regulations.