Use this forum to flag up examples of red tape and gold plate
The requirements for a single engine CPL are 25 hours of dual flight instruction, including 10 hours of instrument instruction and 15 hours of visual flight instruction.

If you hold a BIFM (part of the an IR course) you get an exemption from the 10 hours instrument flying and only have to do a 15 hours course.

However at present if you hold an IMC rating you get no credit at all. Also you have a student who has an IMC rating then you waste 10 hours drilling holes in the sky because you have to give them 10 hours instrument flying.

If we go back to the days of a UK CPL it was actually a prerequisite to have an IMC rating before starting a CPL course and then hours requirement for a CPL course was 15 hours.

So how about the IMC rating counting as a BIFM.
G-BLEW wrote:If you have an ICAO IR does that reduce the course duration by 10 hours too?

I did the 'full' IR back in 2011; the first 10 hours were the BIFM - I got a natty little certificate to say so. IIRC it was formally assessed by a flight with the HOT.