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By Vico
Hi everyone !

I'm Canadian and was wondering what it takes to convert a TC (transport Canada) CPL and instructor rating to their CAA counterpart ?

I did some researched on CAA website but didn't really find anything.

Thanks a lot.
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By Irv Lee
Vico wrote:Well I'm teaching to military guys right now (RCAF phase 1 training). But let's say PPL and CPL yes.

Ok to teach CPL you need to convert licence/rating at CPL level (to teach CPL and PPL) so you need a UK class 1 medical, your Canadian paperwork to be current, pass all the UK Commercial ground exams (CPL or ATPL) and fly an abbreviated CPL course (often just 5 hours) and pass the commercial flight test. You'll need the UK radio licence as well, see my http://www.higherplane.co.uk/rt.html for help, foreign pilots enjoy it as it covers UK airspace oddities as well as radio).
Then you need the instructor conversion. On that, this is the 'start from scratch' requirement, BUT I can never remember what credit you get for a non UK instructor rating, someone else will probably know before I get a chance to look it up: https://www.ontrackaviation.com/fi-aeroplane.html
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By Qalupalik
The UK credit for aN ICAO FI certificate/rating holder seeking a UK Part-FCL FI certificate is laid out in CAP 1721. The minimum instruction is 15 hours flying and 30 hours ground.

The reference in CAP 1721 to article 8(2) and (3) in the Aircrew Regulation should be construed as a reference to articles 3(b) and 9(2) in Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2020/723 of 4 March 2020. A Part-FCL CPL skill test ought to satisfy the requirement in article 9(2)(b).

About a decade ago UK CAA would recognise foreign instructing experience for the purpose of lifting the restriction on a UK FI rating. This might still be possible. Otherwise, it might be possible to overlap the training with a CRI course to gain both certificates at once.
By Vico
Thanks guys for your anwsers !

So for the CPL not too complicated, basically just pass the written and flight test again (having more than 1000hours I'd need 7hours of training at least though). But for the instructor rating I'd have to do the training again (at least 15 hours).
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By Qalupalik
Additional credit beyond that tabulated in section 1.2.4 of CAP 1721 is possible, as explained in the final para of section 1.1.1:

If during the training course the Head of Training of the [Approved
Training Organisation] determines that completion of the reduced
course requirements set out in this part is unwarranted, the Head of
Training may make a written recommendation for a further reduction,
and [Licensing & Training Standards] will give the recommendation

This applies equally to courses for instructor certificates. The Canadian and Part-FCL syllabuses are in fairly good agreement but note that separate courses and assessments of competence are required in order to instruct for the IR or MEP class rating. The experience pre-requisites for these additional privileges are slightly more prescriptive than those in the Canadian personnel licensing standards.

For the CPL you'll need to enrol in a ground school course and take the 13 written exams. If your Canadian IR is valid and you have 50 hours as PIC under IFR then you may obtain an IR without attending a ground school or attempting the IR written exams. If you aspire to hold an ATPL then enrol instead in an ATPL ground school course and taking the ATPL exams, which can be credited towards the CPL, IR, and ATPL. Note there's no rule in Part-FCL corresponding to 421.13(1) in the Canadian aviation standards, viz the exams can be taken without needing to demonstrate medical fitness.
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