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Just saw an announcement of a new agreement between FAA and EASA (yeh, I know). Basically says that you can get an FAA PPL on the basis of your EASA one and vice-versa.

No surrendering of the existing one, no 'validation', no blah; just a full PPL.

Essentially so long as you can speak English (knocks most of you lot out, sorry), pass a GFT and get the 'other' medical.

By my reckoning you've got about six weeks... :roll:
Nope - as the CAA confirmed with me earlier, this doesn't apply to the UK. Also note:

Note on the territorial applicability of the EU-US BASA

Article 12 of the EU-US BASA defines that the Agreement applies to “[…] the United States civil aviation regulatory system as applied in the territory of the United States of America, and on the other hand, to the European Community civil aviation regulatory system as applied in the territories in which the Treaty establishing the European Community is applied […]”. Therefore the Agreement does not apply to Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, which are EASA Member States and Members of the EASA Management Board, but are not Member States of the European Union.

Neither is the UK a member of the European Union... :(

However, there might be a UK-US BASA at some future time, I'm advised.