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I wondered if anyone knew any more about EASA rule making task RMT 0194 published Feb 2020? On the face of it, it looks like it may result in a more nuanced set of requirements for Flight Instructor ratings in the future ie a PPL FI having different requirements to a CPL FI.

e.g. page 7
(b) Review the theoretical knowledge (TK) training path for commercial pilot licence (CPL)/private
pilot licence (PPL) holders who aim to become flight instructors(FIs) for issuing non-professional
licences (that could then also be extended to professional pilots in single-pilot aerial work
activities) and develop a competency-based TK training syllabus

(f) Review the prerequisites and course content for FIs that provide instructions for GA pilot
licences such as the light aircraft pilot licence (LAPL) and the PPL to define proportionate
requirements, to promote the access to GA instructor certificates, and to ensure a sufficient
number of instructors for GA activities.

Therefore I'm thinking that if you were going to do CPL TK with a view to getting the FI rating to teach PPL you might be better off waiting until 2022? (clearly assuming you're not in any rush)
Would people agree?

https://www.easa.europa.eu/sites/defaul ... ue%201.pdf