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As @Irv Lee pointed out on the great video of him and The Flying Reporter chatting about COVID exemptions, the use of NPPLs to fly EASA aircraft has quietly slipped away while we've all been grounded by the virus.

I took some advice on here earlier this year and got myself a LAPL which, thanks to the COVID exemptions, I can use to fly EASA aircraft with my PMD until November and then worry about medicals.

So, the question I have is, does the flying I do in EASA aircraft count for the revalidation by experience of my NPPL(SSEA)?

The great chart created by @DaveW suggests that to revalidate my NPPL I must complete at least 12 hours in 2 years, 1 with an instructor and 6 in the 12 months before expiry. Do the hours in what was an SSEA aeroplane two weeks ago count if I continue flying them when we're let back out to play?
By MidlandsPilot
I'm in a similar boat where my NPPL(SSEA) is due to "expire" next month, but I have a LAPL(A) and have met the currency requirements for the NPPL. As I would have revalidated the NPPL by experience pre-COVID, can I phone up an examiner and do the usual paperwork exercise this time, or do I have to jump through the hoops of an air test when the restrictions are lifted or a licence that I may or may not use?
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By Irv Lee
@MidlandsPilot I am (only) guessing that, as weather was rubbish in 4q19, if you took the exemption, at that moment you might no longer qualify for a revalidation as you need 6 hours in the final year. If so, that is the sort of case I was thinking about in that video viewtopic.php?f=1&t=115274#p1762059 released yesterday when I made the point that if you qualify for revalidation now, get it signed, otherwise you are dependent on how many hours you do between flying restarting and Nov 22nd, and at the moment, who knows how long you would have. As you said expiry next month, there is time to sort this out, but I would if i were you
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Thanks @low&slow. Does it say that anywhere in regulation?

@MidlandsPilot - if you've met the requirements then you don't have a need for the alleviations and can continue as normal.
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By MattL
@MidlandsPilot An examiner can do the revalidation by post for you or you can do a remote briefing and extend your rating until 22 November in accordance with the ORS1378 exemption, when you can then hopefully see an examiner face to face to revalidate. Happy to help with either if you need