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Hello, I passed my initial MEIR (A) a few weeks ago and decided to submit my application using the CAA's eLicensing route. I am yet to complete my Multi Engine CPL or MEP Skills Test for the obvious reason of the unfortunate lock down. I hold an SEP (Land).

I haven't had my application back yet but I came across OSR4 1340 and CAP1879 regarding the requirement to hold the relevant class rating when revaliding or renewing an instrument rating. As I am an initial MEIR, presumably this does not apply to Initials? I know the subject of not requiring an MEP (Land) class before an MEIR skills test has been talked to death on the Internet but wondering if anything has changed? I cannot find anything on the EASA regs to suggest this applies to Initial MEIR applicants. The 6 hours of training in an MEP is still required before commencing MEIR training.

Presumably once I pass my MEP Skill Test and have the MEP Land affixed to my license my existing IR privileges will change from IR-SP-SE to IR-SP-ME/SE? :?

I have written to the CAA for clarification.

I think this is the most appropriate bit of legislation:

FCL.600 IR - General
Except as provided in FCL.825, operations under IFR on an aeroplane, helicopter, airship or powered lift aircraft shall only be conducted by holders of:
(a) a PPL, CPL, MPL and ATPL, and
(b) except when undergoing skill tests, proficiency checks or when receiving dual instruction, an IR with privileges appropriate to the applicable airspace requirements and to the category of aircraft.

They may reject the application because you can't exercise the privileges of the IR you applied for without the appropriate class rating.

When you submitted the SRG1161 did you apply for IR (A) SE and ME privileges?
Thanks Arrow Flyer.

I used form CAA5011 as I followed the CBIR route to the IR(A): https://www.caa.co.uk/Commercial-indust ... nt-rating/

On the application I selected 'No' to the question of 'Do you hold a ME Class Rating'.

My friend (also CBIR and just an SEP rating) applied using eLicensing and received his license back a few weeks ago. Next to his IR stamp on his license it said 'SE Only'. He queried this and the CAA's response was that from 16th March 2020 an IR candidate needs to hold a valid and relevant class rating for the test, in this case the MEIR test. However, the CAA apologised and his SE Only remark was removed because his MEIR test was completed before 16th March 2020. I believe this date only refers to revals and renewals as per the ORS4 and CAP, not intials.

I called my CAA Examiner who told me that usually he tells students to submit all their paperwork to the CAA in one hit (MEIR, CPL Multi and/or MEP Skill Test) so as not to confused the CAA when processing the application!

Seems by me applying for an MEIR on it's own might cause confusion. On my eLicensing page I do have an option to apply for: Class Rating Multi (existing IR holders) but I am abruptly stopped from progressing because it says I need an IR(A) first, which makes sense! - Seems like the path I'd need to take once I have my passed my MEP test. Until then I'd be restricted to IR SE Only?
Sorry my fault should have read that more closely, e-licensing didn't exist when I got my CPL/MEP/IR!

Certainly sounds like you'll be restricted to IR-SP-SE until passing (I assume?) a combined CPL/MEP test. I hope they don't charge you for a rating variation (£93) to change the IR-SP-SE to IR-SP-ME/SE class.

I'm curious, why did you apply for an ME-IR without a MEP class rating? I agree with your examiner, submitting it all in one go would have been easier and might save you a rating variation fee.
No worries, I appreciate the assistance! :-)

I hope not too... but then any excuse to make a few extra quid :-( Yes I will be training on the DA42 once the world starts moving again and doing a combined CPL/MEP skills test.

Honestly... boredom lol. I was going to hold off until I had all the paperwork for the other fATPL components but lockdown has found me looking for jobs to do around the house. My own fault! I did email the CAA referencing my submitted MEIR application and stating that I'd be doing the Multi-CPL in due course just to add context.

In hindsight I should have held off as depending on how long the lock down lasts I may have to apply for my eventual IR-SP-SE to be extended. I think there's also a time limit of 6 months from start of MEP training to actually passing the MEP skills test?
Good luck! Yep you must pass the skill test within 6 months of starting the training course, and apply for rating issue within 6 months of passing the skill test.

Bathman, I had a check of On Track's website for the CBIR which says you need the appropriate class rating for the IR(A) sought. Do you know if that's a requirement specific to the CBIR?