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By Irv Lee
There are signs that the confused population of grass roots pilots who applied for lapls from Nppl ssea simply because their Barista suggested they should, rather than because they knew what a lapl was or anything about it at all, including validity, are re-emerging from the long (wet) grass. Chinese whispers are working well too .... apparently the caa and laa announcements on self declare medicals have mutated to:
[Fake News]
lapls are being withdrawn from April
[/Fake News,]
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However, Irv, given my decision making history, it would not surprise me that if, after several years of holding out, I applied for an LAPL in February, it was issued in March and then withdrawn in April.

I thought it would give me more options, at present it looks like it will give me two licences that I can't use to fly the aeroplane I could fly today (due, for the sake of clarity, to having a medical declaration).
By PaulB
Where does the "confused population of grass roots pilots" get credible information from?

It's a sort of serious question? What structures are there for disseminating information to pilots? Much of mine comes from here, mooching on the net & SkyWise (although getting the options right on SkyWise is a bit of an art.)
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By Flyin'Dutch'
I have stated before that much of the 'confusion' in licensing/medical certification has to do with the population affected than the regulatory framework. There has always been a healthy pushback against that notion.

Forgive me for feeling vindicated.

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