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By alenovo
Hi Good morning.
Im a PPL, got my license in spain.
i recently did my 2 year renovation, and ask the examiner about getting a CPL
i flew 200 hours in this 2 year period so i should be good in the flight experience side of things.
He mention i need a "flight hours certificate" for those flown hours to be able to use them as experience for my CPL.
This comes as a surprise as i thought only with my logbook it was enought
what is this certificate? im looking on google and cant find it.
Ive sent emails to the flight schools where i flew this hours, in Germany, and UK but i think is going to be problematic to the that certificate.
is this a Spain thing? or an EASA?
If so could you please provide more info/documentation on how this works?
thanks again
By Meenzer
I did my CPL last year. When I enrolled the ATO had a look at my logbook, took a copy of the last complete page and the relevant cross country flights, and that was it. I don´t know why some people have to over-complicate things.