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By Uptimist
Has anyone done a (successful) IR application recently who can elaborate on what accompanying docs need to be sent, and in particular are logbook pages required? And if so do they each need to be signed by instructor? I have the signed skills test page, I’m hoping that is enough, together with declaration of hours done on the SRG1125 form.
By rdfb
That wasn't enough in my case. They wanted logbook evidence to verify "flying hours", not just "course hours". This was not expected by my examiner. I did get them certified to avoid going around again.

I don't have any more detail - I intentionally gave them "everything" to try and avoid any further comeback as far as possible.

As far as I could tell, nowhere in any official documentation does it say exactly what they require. I had looked very carefully before my initial application.
By Uptimist
Ok thanks that’s useful to know, I think I’ll just send the whole original logbook in, I can happily live without if for a while and I keep an electronic equivalent anyway. This stuff all seems very 20th century still!
By Uptimist
As followup to this - happily I had a very quick turnaround from CAA, despite them asking (by email) for a copy of the examiner’s license (which was returned by email), I received the updated license back from them within a week of sending the application in. :thumleft:
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By Uptimist
Thank you.

I see the regs for the new EASA BIR (which looks very like our IR(r)) have been formally adopted to take effect Sep2021. Since it now looks as if UK will be out of EASA by then, it won’t be an option for UK license holders, so will be interesting to see what happens to the IR(r) as we transition out. Clearly there will be much bigger fish to fry, and the simplest thing would be just to keep it going as is.

I wonder if that would then mean we will be able use it, flying a G-reg aircraft on a UK license in Europe.

I’m being uptimistic!