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By Northernchappie
I have an NPPL but haven't been able to use it for a couple of years due to work commitments and also moving house (much further from nearest airfield). I'm still hoping to get back to flying but in terms of the moving house bit, I don't have any recent revalidation pages in the log book to be certified which seems to be essential for changing my address.

Can't find any topics on here - anyone been in a similar situation and any thoughts on how to get my address details up to date with the CAA?
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By townleyc
You can do the change of address on the form - see:

I understand it is tortuous

Presumably if you were flying SSEA, your class rating has expired. As I understand it, all you need to do is sign a PMD, any training, as required, then take a proficiency check with an examiner, signature and you are good to go.

Best of luck