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By cpt.ozan
I’m having trouble.
I've JAR-FCL licence from turkish CAA.
tehere is a possibility of cancelling my licence because of a political case.
my IR is not current.
ı've 5000+ total hours.
3200+ hours in Boeing 737-800.
2000+ PIC on Boeing 737-800
I'm captain.
If turkısh CAA cancelles my licence can i convert my cancelled JAR-FCL licence to EASA.
please answer in here or mail me at acinist@yahoo.com[/quote]

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By Paul_Sengupta
We're more PPL here, so while some people may know how to convert foreign PPLs to the UK or EASA, commercial licences are another matter. There may be some who can help though, if possibly in a rule interpretation role.
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By Flyin'Dutch'
This was comprehensively answered a few weeks ago.