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By cpt.ozan
Hi guys
ı'm having trouble.
I've JAR-FCL licence from turkish CAA.
tehere is a possibility of cancelling my licence because of a political case.
my IR is not current.
ı've 5000+ total hours.
3200+ hours in Boeing 737-800.
2000+ PIC on Boeing 737-800
I'm captain.
If turkısh CAA cancelles my licence can i convert my cancelled JAR-FCL licence to EASA.
please answer in here or mail me at acinist <at> yahoo <dot> com
By cpt.ozan
Dodo wrote:Most of the posters here are Private pilots rather than Commercial which may account for the lack of answers. Have you tried asking on https://www.pprune.org/trending.php

I posted in pprune. But no answer. Do you know anybody who involves with EASA licencing or any contact? Thank you.

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By Flyin'Dutch'
Cookie is the man, he will know.

I thought that most of the options to convert from ICAO but non-EASA to EASA had ceased to exist some time ago but not sure.

Have you had a look at the CAA website?

Here you go:

https://www.caa.co.uk/Commercial-indust ... o-Part-FCL

What I understand from that is that your expired JAR-FCL licence cannot be converted.

Your Turkish might be but you would have to have a valid IR (how can you fly on an ATPL without one?)

Have to do all the ATPL exams but no ground school if your licence is valid.
By cpt.ozan
Thank you. But can i get convesion to EASA my cancelled licence or do i have to get brand new EASA licence from very beginning like PPL than ATPL?

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By Flyin'Dutch'
You can get an EASA ATPL Issued on the basis of a valid (non-expired) ICAO ATPL.

Click on the link above and the link on that page!

But you need to to all the ground exams:

By cpt.ozan
What if i don’t have valid ICAO licence.
I don’t have permission to send message to “cookie”. Can you send my first message to him for me please.

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By Flyin'Dutch'
I am afraid that the CAA writes on their website states 'no valid licence = no conversion'

See the information from their website cut and pasted above.

The information given here is given in good faith but the CAA is of course the ultimate determinator of what is and isn't acceptable to them.