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I presume that during the Brexit transition period starting at 2300hrs 31/1/20, the CAA will continue to enact all primary EASA regulations.

However, does anyone know if the CAA's ability to issue General Exemptions becomes easier as of 1/2/20 ? (eg an extention of ORS4 1283).

If this is the case, there may be light at the end of the tunnel wrt medical declarations.
The EASA licence/aircraft PMD exemption ends on 8th April. Why was that date chosen? Is it related to any event or just plucked from the air? (It’s not related to the start date as that was 4/10/2018)
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Flyin'Dutch' wrote:8/4/18 extended x2 by one year?

Apols it commenced on 4th Oct 2018, not 8th as I incorrectly stated above. (I’ve amended the my earlier post).

That’s 18 months and 4 days. Seems like an odd duration.