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By rkgpilot
Ok yes, makes sense if the Sir Morley interpretation doesn't work.
However, on the FCL.110.A route, can I as a CRI do any of that a) inside a DTO/ATO or b) outside one?
Also, will he need to sit all the ground exams again? ( think I read that somewhere but can't find it again now).
By low&slow
All applicants for an LAPL(A) initial issue must have done a course at an ATO/DTO.

AIUI the credits available in FCL.110.A.(c) are only available to holders of EASA licences of other categories of aircraft, ie helicopter pilots, glider pilots, etc.
By agfoxx
Gentlemen, sorry I disappeared from this thread, for all sorts of reasons.

Here's what the CAA said, word for word.

"To convert to EASA LAPL (A) or PPL (A), your NPPL(A) with SSEA licence must have been issued by the UK CAA on or before 7th April 2018. NPPL with SSEA licences issued after 7th April 2018 are unfortunately not convertible. You may, however, be entitled to certain credits as listed below, depending on the amount of information you can provide from when you met the NPPL (A) SSEA requirements.

We would have to ensure that all your PPL(A) theoretical knowledge examinations have been passed and are still valid when you apply for the LAPL(A) SEP, as well as confirming which training provider you completed the flight training with and which level of qualification had been reached by the examiner.

If the training was completed at a training provider authorised to conduct LAPL training, we may be able to credit most of this training, depending on when and where it was undertaken. This shall then determine if a LAPL Skill Test is required.

Credits may apply if your NPPL SSEA was issued based on credits for UAS hours or an expired ICAO licence or rating, but we shall need to see evidence of the requirements above.

Pilots holding an NPPL SSEA issued after 8th April, where they have bridged from NPPL microlight to NPPL SSEA.

Again, we would have to check which theoretical knowledge exams have been undertaken. Some might be credited depending on the validity period of those taken for the NPPL SSEA. All required exams for LAPL must have been taken within the validity periods laid out in FCL.025 (b)(2). The licence must be applied for within a period of 24 months from the date of successfully completing all of the applicable exams.

You will more than likely need to complete a full flying course and LAPL skill test, depending on the information you can provide detailing the NPPL SSEA training and testing you received.

Other Instances

Credits towards PIC time are only available if the pilot holds a Flight Crew licence within the EASA system.

If the pilot holds a valid third ICAO licence, medical and rating and want to claim a credit your training provider will have to request an Article 8 reduction in training request through their Licensing Standards Inspector at the CAA".

Incidentally, I asked the CAA of the country to which I'm relocating, and their advice was vastly different. They sent me the following:

"You should be able to credit any PIC hours flown in SEP aircraft. However, for the LAPL to be issued, you would still need to re-do a minimum of 50% of the required training. This means a minumum of 15 hours dual + 6 hours solo including a solo nav ex".

So it basically all depends on who you ask!