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My Night Rating students are reporting unexpectedly rapid processing of their Night Rating applications - with a turnaround in the order of 3 days each . This is much faster than the 3-4 weeks to issue a PPL and the 4+ weeks it took to issue my FI rating last year.

Does this mean that the CAA Shared Service centre has now caught up on the backlog of applications and is processing their in a more timely manner?

Having lost a substantial number of commercial pilots to other states (I've heard figures of 4,000 have changed to Ireland and Austria etc) together with the rollout of their online licensing system (currently for commercial pilots only), it would appear that the CAA are getting their act together.

Has anyone else got a larger set of datapoints to confirm this significant improvement?
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Something is seriously wrong at the CAA. I pointed out an error on a new type rating and a reprinted licence arrived the next morning via courier (which I hadn’t paid for). Strange times!
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