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By sms8
Hi Everyone,

Some of you may have seen my post in the student section, to cut a long story short I’m working towards a flying career in commercial aviation and have a worry regarding obtaining a class 1 medical as obviously its not worth investing into the work thats going to required if I cant get a class 1.

So basically the situation is this, approx 7/8 years ago, I became a bit depressed wouldn't say it was anything dramatic a bit of a martial crises and some general discontent coupled with the pressures of life I got the blues...I went to a GP spoke about it, filled in a questionnaire and was give an anti depressants I was probably on them for I guess around 2 maybe 3 years tops before things took a change I sorted my life out somewhat got healthier took up exercise and decided I no longer need them and quit, I informed the surgery that i had done this.

Now I'm later in life looking to get a class 1 to hopefully become a commercial pilot
one day and am concerned this could be an issue, I’m not entirely sure how the process works or whether I even need to disclose it given the time it was and the reasons? But then I’ve heard say they can look into your medical records... I wonder if anyone could enlighten me on..

A) How they approach this?
B) How I should approach this with them?
C) Do they look through medical records assume they must do Incase I had a serious illness?
D) Is this likely to hinder my dream of becoming a commercial pilot for an airline and prevent me from obtaining a class 1?
E) Do future employers ever look into your medical records or ask to see them?

Thanks in advance.
a) that is a long time ago and most people would have an emotional/mental health issue at the time of a relationship break up - we all live in the real world
b) yes they will look at medical records you have to provide - GP records and any associated stuff (if there was any)
c) depends on what the contents and contrast was
d) no, a Class 1 is a Class 1.

Much depends on what happened at the time and without knowing all of that it is impossible to give any assurances, but as I wrote we all live in the real world and know that relation breakups and associated stuff does have an impact on how we tick.

If you have more questions and would like to know more feel free to post here or in a PM but the real answer will only be possible once you have had a class 1 assessment.
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